Free Stick War Legacy Cheat Codes 2022 (Gems, Coins & Gold)

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Stick War Legacy Cheat Codes: features traditional RPG gameplay, with a few innovations and twists that make it fresh and fun. The game is not an online game; it was designed mainly to be played offline.

You’ll play the role of ninja warrior in fighting games, facing off against a host of enemies while displaying the passion of a martial arts hero.

Stick War Legacy Cheat Codes New

Stick War Legacy Cheats Codes 2022

If you enjoy playing Stickman Legend, these cheats should help you get ahead of the competition. Use them as soon as possible before they expire.

Here is the list of Stick War Legacy Gift Codes

Codes                                                               Rewards

SLNY2021                                                        Get free gems, skips, and stamina Rewards

LUNARNY2021                                               Get free gems, skips, and stamina Rewards

LUNARNY2022                                               Free X gaming Rewards

DRAGON99                                                    Free X gaming Rewards

Stick War Legacy Promo Codes 2022

There are no cheat codes for Stick War Legacy. You have to play cleverly and develop a good strategy. While there are no cheat codes, we feel that the above tips will help you think about the game in a different way and allow you to develop sound strategies.

Stick War Legacy Tips and Tricks and Hack Codes

Tips and Tricks for Stick War Legacy

Gold should be your first priority

The goal of the game is to get as much gold as you can. To do so, you will need to hire miners. Hire one extra miner at first, and then add more as you go through the levels. This will give you a better chance of keeping your gold flow steady.

Please Think Before Sending

Many users often send two to three clubs of men to destroy the enemy statue before they have constructed twelve or thirteen troops. It is best to wait until you have that many troops and send them over to destroy your opponent’s statue. Stick War Legacy cheats This will prevent you from having to defend yourself with your stick men, which can be a difficult task that takes time away from training additional units.

Make a balanced formation

Remember to balance your troops, with some troops in the front row and others in the rear. The troops in the front can attack the enemy units, while the troops in the back row will be protected from enemy attacks and can jump into action whenever necessary.

Please try to play online

When you play this game, always be sure to have the internet turned on. Occasionally, you will see an annoying Internet advertisement after each stage however, if you sit through the entire film, you will be awarded free gems. With these gems, you can purchase spells and win the game.

Please keep upgrading

When you reach the end of each level, don’t forget to collect your points. Stick War Legacy Cheats Pc the more upgrades you complete, the more points you will garner, and those points will help you raise your units’ levels.


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