Soul Knight Cheat Codes 2022 free Gift, Gems, Boosts and Gold

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Soul Knight Cheat codes are the most action-packed shooter for iOS and Android. The world’s balancing Magic Stones have been stolen, and it’s up to you to find them!

Soul Knight Cheats Tips and Tricks

Soul Knight is a challenging rogue-like with a tone of bullets. It’s a difficult game to master, which is why we’ve provided Soul Knight Cheats, tips, and strategy guides!

Mastering Soul Knight Gift codes requires a combination of refined twitch skills and a thorough understanding of how to prepare. So, without further ado, let us begin our Soul Knight tricks!


 Soul Knight Gift codes.


The Bad Pistol must not be thrown

You are permitted to carry up to two firearms at all times. You start with the Bad Pistol at the start of each run. The stats of the Bad Pistol aren’t particularly impressive, and the damage isn’t particularly high, as the name implies. However! The Bad Pistol also requires no energy to fire, making it useful in an emergency.

It’s far superior to relying on clumsy melee attacks, not to mention the risk of getting too close to enemies in the first place.

Take a look at the chest

Are you having problems at the start? Try opening the Chest in the foyer before entering the dungeon. The chest costs 1000 gems to open, but it grants you a common weapon to use at the start of each run.

Keep an eye out for the traps

The dungeons are full of difficult traps! Spike traps are the most common, but they are simple to avoid if you keep your eyes on your feet. Keep an eye out for the brightly colored barrels! If you or an opponent collides with one of these barrels, it will react differently depending on the color.

Utilize your Frost weaponry

Use any weapon with the Frost prefix if you come across it! When you hit an enemy with a critical strike with a Frost weapon, they will be frozen (the same effect as the blue barrels).

This features Soul Knight Cheat Code comes in handy during boss fights because it allows you to completely avoid strange bullet patterns if the monster is immobilized. When combined with the Knight’s unique ability Dual Wield, you have a good chance of landing critical hits.

Try out the Rogue

A combat roll grants the Rogue invincibility frames as a one-of-a-kind ability. This ability, like the ice weapons, is essential during boss battles when things get crazy.

The Rogue is the least expensive hero to obtain, costing only 2000 gems. As soon as possible, the Rogue should be unlocked.

That’s all there is to Soul Knight’s story! Please let us know if you have any additional suggestions or ideas in the comments section below!

Soul Knight Redeem Codes

sunforget        Earn 1111 gems

19newyear       Earn 999 gems

2thaniv             Earn 1,000 gems

Tdy8et              Earn 888 gems

Jinkela              Earn 3 fertilizer

Bigmouth         Earn fertilizer, titan arum, and also 500 gems

Cgdth                Earn 700 gems

Willbeby           Earn 888 gems

En3fkzget         Earn 5 ironstone, 5 timber, and also 1888 gems

Gestpwierd        Earn ironstone, timber, and also 888 gems

Frbk1                  Earn 666 gems

F9z3ha1sun        Earn 1,000 gems

Siont74scj           Earn 600 gems

nerd7Z                Earn 3 ironstone, 3 timber, and also 1288 gems

70years               Earn 777 gems

irobot                  Earn 5 parts, 5 batteries, and also 515 gems

imobsessiont      Earn 1888 gems

Soul Knight Secret boost Codes 2022

PLsW6a        Play offline

VE2Xzx         Restore character’s health

klT9C0          Secret boost

QPjKnR         Unlimited energy and ammo

u92SbI          Unlock all weapons

bu3YcN         Get more gold

C21mKo        Instantly increase attack damage

JipxQl            Unlock new locations

How to Activate Soul Knight Pc Codes

Look at the bottom right of the Main Starting Screen, where it says Tap to start, and you’ll see a Square Button with a Cog image.

When you press this Cog, a new menu will appear on the screen’s left side.

You must press the second-to-top button, which is an image of a padlock.

The codes above will appear in a new window, where you can copy and paste or enter them.

Then, to confirm, tap the Green Tick.

Game Description

Soul Knight is a fun-to-play offline game. It has a great storyline and each level has been designed to take you on a fun filled journey. The levels feature exciting bosses and the best part is that you don’t need an active internet connection while playing along.

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