Mobile Legends Adventure Codes New updated (July 2022)

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Mobile Legends Adventure Codes Adventure awaits! Take a walk in the Mobile Legends: Bang bang Adventure! To battle monsters, you will need to form a team of heroes. And they can only be obtained with in-game currencies, which only can be purchased with real money. However, if you use our Mobile Legends: Bang bang tool, then you can get in-game currencies for free!

new cheats codes for mobile legends

Mobile Legends New Cheat Codes 2022

We have a handy list of all the current coupons that you can input when prompted at the game’s Congratulations! Screen So start collecting these free Mobile Legends: Adventure diamonds and coins to spend as you please.

Here is the list of Mobile Legends Cheats Code

Codes                                         Rewards

KB7LF7                                      500 Diamonds

5TS2JD22262                           500 Diamonds

DKMEQF2225W                       500 Diamonds

TBBVUA                                    500 Diamonds

7YQM6G                                   500 Diamonds

YCZ8MR                                    500 Diamonds

EAKSUY228C                            300 Diamonds

GU4PRS                                    1000 Diamonds

Z9D9A622288                          10 premium 1000 Diamonds and 500 Essence

K 5 4 G 8 B                                500 Diamonds

P T F C22289                             500 Diamonds

WJDZ7G2227D                         Chest with a random reward

WS8DYD22286                         500 Diamonds

VANOSS415                              300 Diamonds

XMASFUN689                          1000 Diamonds and 10 Premium Summon Scrolls

MBZHQ5                                   1000 Diamonds

L2WGN8                                    500 Diamonds

QR2GYJ                                      500 Diamonds

MLA9453                                   2 Premium 100000 points of battle get 777 diamonds

HJPHU222277                            500 Diamonds

TNEEY822275                             500 Diamonds

CUNZJZ22274                            500 Essence, get 10 Premium with Summon Scrolls and get 1 Month Pass Coupon

How to Redeem Mobile Legends Cheat Codes?

  • Launch your game (Mobile Legends), and then minimize it before going to the official Mobile Legends Code Exchange website, which is located here.
  • To redeem, enter the code in “Redemption Code” and your game ID in “Game ID,” then click Redeem (red button).
  • ML will email you a success message if you entered a valid code.
  • Look in your mailbox for the letter with the Official Website Verification Code.
  • Copy and paste the verification code into the “Verification Code” line. And then “Redeem” from the drop-down menu.

mobile legends new tips and tricks for cheats and hacks codes

Tips and Tricks of Mobile legends

Minion Lanes

The Mobile Legends Adventure codes battleground is no longer a flat map. This means you can’t just start at one side and continue your attack to the other. We’ve introduced two lanes that run alongside each other during the entire game. The EXP Lane is the official name of this lane, and its Siege Minions provide 50% more EXP. So grab your comrades for some team play and earn yourself those sweet upgrades!

The Gold Lane is guarded by Marksmen and a Tank/Support. The Gold Lane is usually the most difficult lane to go through, as there is usually only one path to take while much of the team blocks it off. However, if your team is strong enough, then you can push through the lane into the enemy’s base.

Enhanced Minions Should Be Avoided

Minions are opponents that continually spawn for a short time and then dissolve after one or two attacks. These units cannot be defeated directly, but serve as an obstacle in the field of play. Since these units linger for only a short period of time, it is possible to outrun them during this time. However, when the countdown timer becomes insufficient in thwarting an attack from these inbound rivals, the need to allow an effective skill cooldown is imperative.

Contains 5 Super Minions, which grant your Minions increased damage and bonus health when killed. They can only be granted to you by destroying the opponent’s Base Turret. Also contains 2 standard minions, 1 melee minion, and 1 flying minion.

Don’t forget it’s a game of towers

Players are encouraged to let their teammates respawn before overkilling. Even if there’s a good chance of your group finishes off the foe, it’s worth considering how your team will cope with losing one of its members. Additional Towers may help you gain an advantage in later rounds, and ensuring the team doesn’t lose too many heroes to death is always a good practice.

Gold is awarded when you can hit the turret 

Whenever a Lane has the Shield, its Tower will deal double damage. Additionally, whenever a Lane has the Shield, any player who deals attack damage to an opposing Champion within the respective Lane will gain a single piece of Gold for their effort. There’s no limit to how much Gold can be earned this way, so always keep an eye out for Shield opportunities!

The Rocket Turret is a great asset for protecting key positions from sneaky enemies. Its range and power are unmatched, but there are many ways to fight back against it: other turrets, mines, sentry wards, and even the minion advantage.

Emblem Talent Can Be a Game-Changer

There are nine kinds of Emblems that you can use. These Emblems may be allocated to a hero before the combat begins. Each emblem has some special power, which will help your hero become stronger!

Emblems are the most important aspect of character progression in Dawn. They serve as the window to a character’s ‘soul,’ and are imbued with abilities that define and unlock the boundless potential of Emblem heroes. Mobile Legends Adventure Codes They become stronger and more versatile as they level up. The journey through Nuanor is long, and players will need them to grow their characters and stay alive.

Where to find more codes?

New Mobile Legends: Adventure codes are frequently posted on the game’s official Facebook page. Aside from that, you might bookmark this website and return to check for updates on a regular basis.


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