Final Gear Codes List 2022 (August)

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Our Final Gear Codes list features a variety of free in-game items, including system upgrades and gold. Check back here at a later date to continue receiving new content to use in-game.

Final Gear New Codes Gameplay

Final Gear Codes 2022

Final Gear is a role-playing game developed by Komoe Technology. This game features mech and maiden strategy based gameplay with RPG elements. You will remodel your mech with a variety of components and items to power it up. and also gain unique pilots that each have their own personalities, abilities, and even voice acting. You can also build your own base with dormitories, observation rooms, hangars, labs and warehouses to create a useful structure for mech repairs or storage. Take your mech and fighters out to battle to gain rewards and become the best player in the game!

Final Gear Gift Codes 2022

Here is a complete list of all the active and functional codes. If you need help redeeming codes in Final Gear, please follow the instructions below! By hitting CTRL + D on your keyboard or the Add to Bookmark button on a mobile device, please save this page.

Final Gear New Tier List

List of Final Gear Codes

The most recent working codes for Final Gear are shown here. You can get free crystals, gold, and other things from these! Codes do expire after a certain amount of time, so be sure to use them as soon as you can.

New Working Codes for Final Gear

Gametoons – Use this Final Gear gift code to receive unlimited gold,

Kakarot197 – To receive unlimited Gold, enter this Final Gear activation code..

Tectone – Use Final Gear Source Code in the game and receive free in-game rewards.

Aisha – Redeem this Final Gear Cheat code for 1000 gold and System Upgrade 5×5

AAruntiwa– Use Final Gear New code for 10,000 gold, 5x 10 System Upgrade,

MogawtyGaming – Redeem Final Gear Quiz Code in the game for free gems and other beneficial rewrads

CDawgVA – Use Final Gear Promo codes in the game for Gold, System Upgrade 5x 10

ShortyBlueJova – Use Final Gear Reddit code for Gold, 10 System Upgrade, and Piloting Theories in the game.

BorkonoGaming –Redeem this Final Gear Source code Gold and Gems 10 x 10

Blitz –Use Final Gear Redeemable for Gold and Gems 10 x 10 and Piloting Theories Intermediate.

VinIsHere – Redeem Final Gear Quiz for Gold and Gems 10 x 10

Mtashed – Use Final Gear Redeem code for 50000 Gold, and 5×10 System Upgrade in the game.

MangoSeven – Redeem this code for 2000- Gold, 5×4 System Upgrade, and 5×10 Piloting Theories in the game.

Cha0tik –Redeem Final Gear Gift code in the game for 10,000 Gold, and 5x System Upgrade.

SomeMoe – Use Final Gear Cheat codes for 10,000 Gold,

MechaGaikotsu –Redeem Final Gear Promotional code for 20,000 Gold

GachaGamer – Use Final Gear Redeem codes for Gold, Gems and unlimited rewards.

NAKLASGAMER – Redeem Final Gear Promo code for unlimited rewards.

FGCC10A1 – Use Final Gear Promotional Code in the game and get 150 Crystals.

FGSNS001 – Use these Final Gear codes Reddit in the game for 10,000 Gold, and 5x System Upgrade.

YDCBGames – Redeem these Final Gear Crystal Codes and get 300 Crystals in the game.

Trashtaste –Redeem this Final Gear Activation code in the game and get unlimited Gold

FG3000 – Use this Final Gear wiki code for 10,000 Gold, 5x System Upgrade,

THIRDIMPACT – Use this Final Gear Redeem Code for different in-game free rewards.

SECONDIMPACT –Redeem this Final Gear code for Gold and unlimited coins

FIRSTIMPACT – Redeem this Final Gear Free code and get different free rewards in the game.

OhBIGz – Use this Final Gear Promo Code for Gold, Upgrade, and Rewards

MRSilver – Get 600 crystals in the game by redeeming this Final Gear Promo Code.

FG3000– Redeem this Final Gear Source code in the game and get free rewards.

FGCC10C1– Redeem this Final Gear code in the game and receive free rewards

How to redeem Final Gear Gift Codes

How to redeem Final Gear Gift Codes?

  1. Promotional codes for Final Gear have a set expiration date and are single-use only. To receive the benefits, you must redeem them as soon as feasible.
  2. Launch the Final Gear app on your smartphone.
  3. In the main menu, click or tap the “Settings” icon.
  4. The “Enter Activation Code” icon should be tapped.
  5. Add one of the functional codes listed above.
  6. To access your in-game goodies, tap the “Confirm” symbol.

How to get more Final Gear Gift codes?

At present, there are several ways to obtain more gift codes. Some of the methods discussed above have not been seen on any of the aforementioned platforms; however, one of the primary methods for obtaining codes is from the official Facebook page (here), Twitter (here), and some might be shared on Discord. If you are not keen on searching everywhere for these codes, you can always return here as we endeavour to update this page regularly.

Final Gear Gameplay

Komoe Technology’s Final Gear Quiz is a mech and maiden strategy game. It allows players to become powerful pilots that control powerful mechs and take them into battle against other players for rewards. The game features over 100 different pilots and in-depth customization options for their mechs, allowing players to remodel their mechs with a variety of components and items to power them up.

Additionally, players can get unique pilots that all have their own personalities, and abilities: they even have voice acting! Players can also build their own base with dormitories, observation rooms, hangars, labs, warehouses, and more! Take your mechs out to battle against other players for rewards; become the best player in the game!

Final Gear Strategy For RPG


This page lists all the codes available in Final Gear. If you have found any that are not listed here, please let us know in the comments section and we will add them right away.

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