Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, New Updated 2022

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In this blog post, we’ll go over the Cookie Run Kingdom tier list, and if you’re new to the game, we’d like to give you a brief overview before we get started.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List


Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022:

This is an excellent, free game with a great user interface. It features very intuitively, simple mechanics and gameplay that anybody new to the mobile gaming world will easily pick up. Players battle against various types of sweet, cake-like dangerous monsters that are all inspired by the game’s theme of confectionery. Updated regularly, featuring the latest details on each cookie player and monster, along with detailed strategies and tips. Use any of our Cookie Runs guides to help you achieve success in the game.

Cookie Run Kingdom Cheats Apk:

If you’re going to build the best kingdom in the Cookie Run Kingdom, then it only makes sense to assemble your team of cookies from the best of the best. With these coupons, you can carefully pick your warriors and create a squad that will allow you to grow as quickly as possible. You know, just like in fantasy kingdoms.

Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List 2022 – Best Cookies in the Cookie Run Kingdom:

Cookie Run Kingdom features hundreds of weapons types and rewards that players can use to strengthen their characters. In this guide, we’re going to show the well-rounded group of good tanks and DPS champions that are used for PvE and PvP activities in gameplay. This list indicates the potential of character builds. To become a successful player, make sure to check out this beginner’s guide, as well as redeem these coupon codes for free crystals. Now let’s not waste any time and check out this new Cookie Run tier list.

new Cookie Run Kingdom tier list.

here is the List for Cookie Run Kingdom Tier

Pure Vanilla Cookie                                           – S Tier Support

Pumpkin Pie Cookie                                         – S Tier

Strawberry Crepe Cookie                                 – S+ Tier Tank

Dark Cacao Cookie                                           – S+ Tier

Eclair Cookie                                                     – S+ Tier

Frost Queen Cookie                                          – S Tier

Holly berry Cookie                                           – S+ Tier

Parfait Cookie                                                   – S Tier

Black Raisin  Cookie                                         – S Tier

Cotton Cookie                                                  – S Tier

Caramel Arrow Cookie                                    – S ~ S+ Tier

Sorbet Shark Cookie                                       – S Tier

Sea Fairy Cookie                                              – S+ Tier

Cherry Blossom Cookie – A ~ A+ Tier(Provisional)

The Arena PVP tier list for Cookie Run: Kingdom differs slightly from the Kingdom tier list. Players cannot manually activate abilities or riches in this mode and must rely on their team’s teamwork to win. We present a table of the finest Cookie Run PVP cookies in the game, as well as a brief explanation for each choice, in this Cookie Run guide.

The best characters in the Cookie Run Kingdom

Here is our complete tier list for all of the cookies in Cookie Clicker. This page lists every cookie and rates them from best to worst; according to how likely they are to appear gacha.

Cookie Run Kingdom rerolls

The Cookie list shows the best ingredients to use while playing the game. It is updated every time there are content updates; this information can be found in the latest copy of the tier list. We have a comprehensive walkthrough on how to reroll your characters on your initial gacha.

How to perform a Cookie Run Kingdom Reroll?

This page will walk you through the steps of performing a reroll in the C R K.

  • Log in with a guest account to begin the game
  • Play the level three.
  • In your order, use any currently valid coupon codes.
  • It’s now time to summon your cookie in the hopes of receiving one of our Tier S or Tier S+ cookies.
  • If you’re lucky, keep playing; don’t give up. If you’re unlucky, you can skip through to the following phase.
  • Menu > Settings > Info will let you log out of the app.
  • Restart the process from the beginning.


We’ve covered the Cookie Tier List, the Best Character in the C R K If you have any questions about the C R K, please leave a remark on our website. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. On this page, stay connected for a more updated Cookie..

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