Call of Antia Tier List Best Heroes 2022

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Hi welcome on my site. You’ve found the proper place if you’re seeking for a Call of Antia Tier List 2022. There are numerous characters in Call of Antia, but only a select number are stronger than the rest. You can discover our rating of the finest heroes in the game below. For the most recent Meta in the game, refer to our Call of Antia Character Tier List.

Call of Antia Tier List

Call of Antia Tier List 2022

All of the greatest heroes in the game are ranked in our Call of Antia Character List. Continue reading to learn more about our best picks and to discover which heroes are offered in the game. In this article, we have also covered the Call of Antia Weapon Tier List and Call of Antia Dragon Tier List.

Call of Antia Character Tier List 2022

Heroes in the game already have star ratings, but these ratings are not necessarily a good indication of how effective they are. Some 3-star Heroes made it onto this list despite not being particularly good in the eyes of the game. Eliza from the TV show The Healer is a good illustration of this. Her healing talents are enough to get her a slot on the A-Tier even if the game only gives her a 3-star rating. However, the majority of the time the game’s ratings are true, and the majority of these Heroes have 4-5 stars.

Call of Antia Character Tier List

Call of Antia Best Heroes

Here it is once more in case you need a review and a lot shorter, more concise list of the best characters in Call of Antia’s Best Heroes:

Call of Antia S Tier– While playing this game, players will encounter numerous foes. They will also require the top game heroes. This is the fundamental justification behind our creation of the Call of Antia Tier List ranking, where you can truly locate all of the top characters in the title. The list is divided into four categories: S, A, B, and C. Even though the players controlling them choose the best characters, the list makes the decision much simpler. The Call of Antia Tier List 2022 is provided here.

Call of Antia S-Tier Heroes










Call of Antia A Tier –  These Call of Antia characters are capable of being utilised in all kinds of games and are strong, but they will never be as strong as the S-tier heroes. If you have the opportunity to acquire S-tier heroes, change them out as necessary.

Call of Antia A-Tier Heroes
















Call of Antia B Tier – Characters in Call of Antia’s B tier are neither the worst nor the greatest. They are just average at the game in every way, but if you don’t have any other characters, they will do.

Call of Antia B-Tier Heroes




















Call of Antia C Tier – Call of Antia Best Heroes that are a bit below average. Even if they aren’t really good at anything, they are frequently available, and when you first start out, some of them will be the only ones you have to use.

D Tier –Not going to lie, we think these Call of Antia heroes are sort of crap, which is why they are at the bottom of our list of the best Call of Antia characters. Yes, they may have a few applications, but they are quite limited and do not actually make for effective long-term concentrated play techniques.

Call of Antia Tier Heroes

How to create this Call of Antia Tier List Best Characters 2022?

Before publishing our Call of Antia tier list Valencia, we wanted to make sure it was as precise as possible. Therefore, we conducted research on the top players in the game to learn about their techniques and preferred heroes. As well as these sources, we looked to Call of Antia Reddit, Facebook, YouTube comments, Discord, Twitter, and Instagram as well as our own playtesting. We came to the conclusion that anyone interested in playing the game or even just watching others play it would find this Call of Antia Community Tier List useful.

What is Call of Antia: Match 3 RPG?

The online mobile game Call of Antia Match 3 RPG was created and released by FunPlus on January 21st, 2022. On iOS and Android, the game is free to download and play. As we noted in our list of Call of Antia characters, certain heroes are better than others. However, the game occasionally receives upgrades and patches that include new heroes; this is a lot of fun for players.

Call of Antia Match 3 RPG Gameplay

Call of Antia Guide 2022:

We have included some helpful advice in this Call of Antia Guide. To protect against other players, advance through the main quests, adventures, and base-building. You can also aim to dominate the PvP leaderboards or just grind out PvE for a more laid-back gaming experience. As with every game of this genre that includes a gacha, there is some P2P (pay-to-play) involved. It is simpler for P2P players (also known as whales) to acquire some of the top Call of Antia heroes without investing a lot of time in the game because they can spend real money to summon a lot of heroes. Even though P2P players have a significant advantage in this, F2P players can still enjoy the game. Simply told, you’ll need to spend a little more time and grind resources than P2P players do in order to summon heroes.

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